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Best Content Management Systems (CMS) Software in 2020

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CMS Stands for “Content Management System“. A CMS is a software tool that allows you to create, edit, and publish content online easily without the need for much, if any, web development knowledge. While early CMS software was used to manage documents and local computer files or post simple blogs online, most CMS systems are now designed exclusively to […]

why should you optimise your emails for mobile?

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In a world where screen sizes on our handheld devices are constantly getting larger and adapting to the multitude of tasks we need them for, opportunities for improving your responsive email designs has increased. If you regularly use your phone to view emails, you will probably have seen there is a large gap between well […]

What should A Web Design Company do for Your Business?

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Design Company 1. Are their web design and development solutions customised to your specific needs? Your company is a unique brand, and your website should be unique to that brand, to create a strong first impression with the user and the quality of the users experience. Custom solutions provide greater branding, […]

Web design and UI trends for 2020

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Web Design and UI Trends to Follow in 2020 Minimalism & White Space Minimalism is one of those classic design trends that just keeps going. One of the most important elements of design is having a pretty good moment and that’s whitespace. More and more designers (and their clients) are moving toward the direction of giving whitespace […]

Coronavirus Working At Home

Managing remote working in 2020

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Our tips for working from home during the coronavirus quarantine The coronavirus outbreak is hard to avoid, a global pandemic that has affected business and individuals worldwide. Many employers are dealing with disruptions that are affecting business in the long-term, including labour shortages, transportation issues, reduced working hours and low consumer traffic. With millions across […]

marketing goals 2020

Your Email marketing goals for 2020

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Here are 12 email marketing tips for your 2020 campaigns 2020 got off to a rocky start for everyone, don’t let this affect your email marketing strategy. Make 2020 the year you commit to learning about your audience. With so much data available, it’s easier than ever to create an individual user focussed, unique experience […]

WordPress vs. Custom Web Design

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Now that you have decided that it’s time to take your business to the next level by creating a new website or maybe even your first website, whats next? Creating your new website is something that requires a lot of planning and decision-making. One of the main decisions you will make is to decide whether […]