What should A Web Design Company do for Your Business?

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Design Company

1. Are their web design and development solutions customised to your specific needs?

Your company is a unique brand, and your website should be unique to that brand, to create a strong first impression with the user and the quality of the users experience. Custom solutions provide greater branding, flexibility, and scalability for your website as your business grows. 

2. What is the process for their web design and development?

It’s important to know how a digital agency approaches web design and development, from research to launch. This provides direct insight into their experience and strategy. This means you have a clearer sight in order to better manage your expectations as it relates to the key milestones, number of revisions given to each phase, implications of the task, timelines, etc. 

3. Is all work done in-house or do they outsource?

One of the first questions you should ask is whether or not the web agency performs all of its services in-house. This includes design, coding, copywriting, SEO, marketing and anything else they might offer as a service.

When all the work is performed by the agency, the in-house connection results in better communication, collaboration and an overall, a better quality product. 

The last thing you need to encounter is a deficiency during the web design or development phase that requires help from another company, along with potential additional costs beyond your initial budget and ultimately increased timelines.

4. Are they able to share a number of relevant references from previous projects?

There is no better way to learn about a web agency than through its past or current clients? By speaking with a few references, you can gain insights from their experience to better gauge the agencies strengths, weaknesses, quality, time management, and dependability. 

5. Do they provide a warranty on their work?

It is crucial to know whether there is a guarantee that the website will function exactly as it was intended to based on the proposal provided by the agency. More importantly, knowing that you will not be charged for every code issues after launch for a specified period of time illustrates a great deal of integrity on the agency. If not, you may expect to pay for every “fix” and those costs can quickly add up. 

6. How much experience do they have with content management systems?

A content management system (CMS) allows your business to manage your website’s content without the need for future coding and in turn, Larger long term costs. This is important because you are given the flexibility and control to continue to evolve and grow your site post launch.

Ask the agency what CMS they use and whether training is provided. 

7. How accessible is agency? 

How are potential issues handled, including errors and bugs? Do you have to submit a ticket through email or online HelpDesk, or can you reach someone directly by phone.

The ability of reaching an individual over the phone is priceless, especially during a crisis (website breach or downtime).

8. Who owns the website when it is completed?

Some agencies retain the copyright to the work they have completed. Ask them who has 100 percent ownership over the site once it is completed and launched. This includes everything, from the graphics, content to the code.

You could also ask if you will be provided with the original design files (PSD’s, XD’s etc…)